Never Mess with timeline

So, I am back after a long interval. With my new concepts (lolz!!). Today's concept is timeline. So from few days, or you can say months I am following a TV series of DC named The Flash. Really interesting TV series with good concepts of time travel. I know most of them are fictional. But of course we can extract  many good things from it. I always think that humans should extract good things, teachings, lessons and qualities from whatever we see or experience. 
Anyways that's different topic, we will talk on it later. Focusing on today's concept again its timeline. In the series, we can see how flash has a super speed, due to which he can travel through speed of light. Due to this, he can time travel to past or future. Flash has a dark past where his mother is been killed by reverse flash the villain. What he does is, he goes back in past and stops him from killing his mother and then live a life with his parents which he missed in present timeline. But every action we do …

Mahabharat - A different point of view - Conclusion

Mahabharat the war was inevitable. It was destined. Though it was a destruction, it lead to new generation, new ethics. Old ethics and beliefs were cleared off and new ethics were established. Lord Krishna Himself did this. We have noticed different culture, behaviour and beliefs in different eras. Tretayuga, When Ram was born, people's belief, dedication towards lord, ethics, behaviour, everything was different. Then came Dwaparyug, where politics, cruelness (at small scale level) was installed. Krishna destroyed them with its tactics and power.

And now here we are in Kaliyug. The worst era of all. Today we here many types of crimes. People are crossing limit of cruelness. Rapes, Murders, torture and what not. But yes their is still hope. People still fear god, the almighty. Earth surviving just because their many innocent people staying on this planet, who still follow the rules of nature and almighty.

Mahabharat was a teaching, a lesson to a common man of Today. Krishna's vis…

Mahabharat - A different point of view - Part 2

Ok continuing from previous post.

गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णुर्गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः ।
गुरुरेव परं ब्रह्म तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः

We believe Guru is parallel to god. We do respect our teachers. But as per me, Dronacharya is the most partial Guru or teacher I have ever seen. He always gave preference to Arjuna rather than his own son Ashwatthama. Ashwatthama was a blessed child. Almost immortal. He had a diamond on his forehead. This diamond was destroyed by Krishna and cursed him to be immortal till the end of the world with lot of sufferings. (Will talk about this too in next post ;-) )

Dronacharya even refused Eklavya to teach archery. But Eklavya was very dedicated. He created statue of Dronacharya and started learning himself thinking his guru is with him. Due to his dedication, Lord shiva got impressed. He taught eklavya from the statue of Dronacharya.

But again, I hate this person. Eklavya after completing his studies, went to Dronacharya, to give him GuruDakshina. Dronacharya asked him to…

Mahabharat - A different point of view - Part 1

From my childhood, I have been reading as well as listening stories from my parents about Mahabharat. Recently I have got a best friend who is also my colleague. We often talk about Ramayan, Mahabharat and our favourite topic is Krishna of course. As I said in my previous post, Without Him it was impossible for Pandavas to win Mahabharat. My friend says, Bhishma Alone would have finished the game till lunch time on the first day itself. But it was Krishna, and his strategies which led to victory of Pandavas.

But in this article I am not going to talk about the goodness of pandavas, or Krishna or his powers. Lets think Mahabharat in a different angle. If Bhishma would have come to throne rather than Dhritarashtra, Mahabharat would'nt have happened. Ok Leave it. Shakuni, King of Gandhar, was defeated by Bhishma and Pandu. Following is the story as per Wikipedia:

It is said that in some military campaign of either Bheeshma, Pandu, or Shantanu, Gandhara came under attack from Hastinapur…

Krishna - The greatest mystery ever

Their are too many unsolved mysteries in this world about which we keep on talking. Bermuda Triangle, Area 51, UFO etc. But Our Indian Mythology has a biggest mystery hidden which is next to impossible to be solved. He is Lord Krishna. So who was he? As we all know him as a god, Incarnation of Lord Vishna etc. He was a thief, politician, lover boy, mumma's boy, fantastic brother, great leader, philosopher, killer (Yes, he killed his own uncle. Of course for right cause), and what not. The list is unending.

Whenever we read his story, we get something new about him, yet we dont know him completely. Their is one dialogue, when Krishna comes to abduct Rukmini, Arjun asks him, if her brother will identify him, as he comes in a disguise of a milkman. He says, no one yet, not even you have identified me, then how he will identify me. Thats his mystery. I have read about all other incarnation of Lord Vishnu. But Krishna is truly his complete form.

His intelligence is unparalleled. His lov…

Our Ancestors were apes ... Is it so???

Yes, Today I am going to touch a really controversial topic which I am listening as well as thinking about. We have been taught from school days, that Our ancestors were apes. Due to evolution in homo sapiens, the structure of apes slowly got converted to what we are today. Standing erect, no tail, no hair on body (their are still some hairy people among us ;-) ) etc. But is it so.

My brain is still not ready to accept this theory. The basic question behind this is their still many apes present in this world, why didn't they got converted to humans. We can see monkeys in circus, that means they live with humans, eat with them. Why do they didnt got converted yet. I am not a scientist to make any such statement or present any theory regarding this. But as a common man, I think we are completely a different species or race altogether. Though we have resemblance with apes, they cannot be our ancestors. Secondly, the bullshit told to us regarding amoeba, from which all the species are …

Is Really Everything in our hand???

We always say that we can do anything, everything is in our hand. But is it really true. When someone fails to do something, others keep on taunting him, you could have done this, but you didnt tried. But is it really so?? Many a times we work 100%, still we fail why?? As per my view, nothing is in our hand.

Yah that doesn’t mean we should not do the actions or the work given to us. God says, keep on doing work assigned to you, dont wait for results. Leave it on me.
If everything is in our hand, are we pushing the earth to rotate?? Are we giving her direction to move around sun?? Do we produce rains, snowfall, tides etc..
Then we say that this is been done by nature. Then who is this nature?? Whenever we sleep, our brain sleep, but many of our internal organs still keep on working. And if they don’t, we will die. Do we manually give Direction to them?? Mr heart, Keep on pumping, Mr blood, Keep on flowing, Do we do this??

We say nothing is impossible, have we yet conquered death?? Do …