Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sixth Sense

After a long interval, I am back with new idea. We have heard much about sixth sense. Some people get knowledge of many things automatically. They can sense any danger coming towards them or their loved ones. Just like our favourite cartoon character Spiderman.

But What I think is each and every human has got that sense. The only thing is they are unaware of it, or the power is in sleep mode. Now I am not any baba or something like that who can  enlighten the power. But I myself have realized many things. For example, sometimes I feel like something which I am going to do, should not be done. And If I do it, I either fail or get in some problem. Sometimes students feel like , they will be getting specific questions in their question paper, and they actually come across those questions.

While watching cricket, sometimes we feel our favourite player is going to hit six, or he is going to get bowled and it happens. On Discovery channel, I saw a story of some lady. She used to sense, earthquakes, Floods, volcano eruptions etc. Whenever it used to happen, she used to get sick. Not only humans, animals have strong sixth sense power. Before big natural calamities, animals are seen behaving unusal. Like dogs barking continuously, whole lot of birds migrating from one place to another etc. If it is earthquake, people have noticed, group of mouse coming out of holes. They sense the disturbances in the earth's crust.

I have read somewhere that if god takes out any of 5 senses, it gives extra sense to human. For example, blind people can sense any person coming near to him/her. They can identify who is stranger and who is not. Even in darkness we can walk in our room, not just because we got the judgement, but even sometimes our sixth sense help us to avoid obstacles in our way.

Finally, Just I want to say is, we all have that extra sense, which is always their to help us. Some have it as a god gift, some people didn’t realize it, and some people come across this power accidentally. Have you came across this power in you???