Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Immortality - A Boon or Curse ??

In every culture, we can get the description of immortals. They say that their are some people who are still alive. In Hindu culture  (India), their are seven immortals, still on the earth. Many of us think, immortality is a greatest boon. But every coin has two sides.

Immortality leads to really painful events. The first and biggest tragedy for an immortal person is he has to watch his loved ones dying in front of him. The person will be alive for years and decades and centuries. He will be the witness of changes in his surroundings and ultimately the whole world.

In my school days, I read a story of a King, who finds a river, whose water leads to immortality. He becomes happy that he will be immortal now.  He just steps in the water and now he will drink, someone calls him back "Wait Wait!!!!" . He looks out who's that. He finds a crow talking to him in human voice. He says, before drinking that water listen to me first. Tell me why you want to be immortal?? King says, I want to conquer and rule this world for many years. I want to enjoy each and everything in this world. Crow interrupts: "then??? ". Crow says, after completing all those things, what will you do? You will enjoy everything and then one day you will be fed up of everything. Ask me! today i want to die but I am not able to. Whenever I try to kill myself nothing works on me.I tried to cut myself, I tried to drown my self, tried to jump in fire. But it didn't made any scratch on my body. I have witnessed death of my loved ones. Now I am all alone in this world. The world is completely stranger for me. What will I do with this immortal body now?

King thought for a while and went back to his home. There are some process and rules set by the almighty, which should not be interfered. Not because we are unable to break the rules, but there are the consequences which god doesn't want us to go through.