Saturday, 1 June 2013

False Awakening - Be Careful!!!

From last few days (actually nights!!) I am experiencing a strange phenomena. Actually I have experienced it before too. But these days I don't know its happening every night. I am talking about false awakening. This is the phenomena when a person is actually in sleep but feels like we are awake and we start our daily routine. Isnt that strange??

Whenever we experience a Lucid Dream, we try to come out of it. As we know we are dreaming. But sometimes it happens that we enter into another dream which is replica of real life.  We feel like we are awake now. We can see all those things which are actually present in our room. We start following our routine. But we didn’t realize we are still dreaming. But yeah, their is something unusual in everything we see, if we are able to find out the same, we will be able to come out of that dream. But that dream again becomes Lucid Dreams.

Now the horrible thing is if again the person enters in false awakening, it becomes a loop. First Lucid dreams and then false awakening. Now again one thing comes in my mind. Is this real life a false awakening?? Is everything real or just a projection?? I always try to connect our dreams to real life. Because I still think whatever we see in our surroundings is not true. Their is some glitch.
Anyways coming back to the point, I am experiencing this false awakening.