Sunday, 2 June 2013

Immortal Sound Waves

I know you people must be thinking what this subject is suggesting?? Sound Waves. We have learnt about it in school days. These sound waves are used in sonar navigation and many other systems. But sometimes I think, does this sound waves die after reaching to some point?

In this universe there are unlimited sound waves still flying everywhere. The need is to catch those sound waves. This sound waves may contain lots of information about many things existing or non existing in this world. Scientist are working on catching those waves, which may prove a boon for mankind. Lets talk about this sound waves on a very low level.

Say, Now two people are talking to each other. Their each word spoken by them creates a sound wave which reaches to others ears, and then travels from ear to brain. Brain interprets the sound waves and then the other person reacts or answers the first person. This happens in fraction of seconds, that we cant even imagine. But it also happens that some waves doesn’t reaches the persons brain. Then where does it go?? This waves keeps floating in our surroundings, atmosphere, and ultimately in universe. We must have heard while astronauts are in space, scientist from earth send sound signals to them and they reply with same sound signals. It takes time for this signals to travel in space. In future, if scientists will be able to create a machine which can catch such unknown waves still roaming in this universe, that will be a great achievement. We would be able to catch all those waves of speeches of great people from our past, including Jesus, Hitler, Napoleon and many others. We would be successful to find out secrets which are lost in past time. Their are many subjects which are still debatable, many mysteries which are still unsolved and many other information can be achieved.

Now we just have to wait and watch, or many people who are reading this blog, some of them may be scientist, can think on my concept and create such machine which may prove a boon to mankind. All the best!!!!!