Monday, 24 June 2013

Hey God !! u there??

Existence of god has always been a debatable issue. People who believe say yes, and who don't say no. Every human being believes in some type of supernatural power who is backing them at every moment of their life.Atheist people believe in themselves. They don't believe in god. But many times I think how can we question on existence of god. I got some points you people also must have thought about.

Now first of all, we got lots of temples all over the world. Can anybody tell me how are they created? How can a human imagine which really doesn't exist. As per my knowledge, a man can imagine only if he have seen that kind of thing somewhere around him. He cant imagine anything which is non existing. The ancient people, we can say our great great ancestors, must have seen god. 

Yesterday, I was watching a video regarding Puma Punku, which says in ancient times aliens came to earth and helped us (humans) to establish and organize ourselves. Humans worshiped them as god. They had all those supernatural powers, which we believe a god has. I again want to come to the same point. How can a human write the ancient scripts which our archaeologists discovered with its own imagination. Their are places like mohenjodaro, Egyptian pyramids which are practically impossible for humans to create. 

Are they created by those gods, to teach humans for next millions of decades?? I myself believe in god. And always think he should be their present somewhere in this universe, or even he can be on this earth somewhere watching his devotees (and non-devotees), their actions and contributions towards the nature and humanity.