Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Incarnation - Believe It Or Not

In my last blog, we spoke about death. When we talk about death, we also talk about incarnation. We can also call it as rebirth. Is that really exist. Lots of research is been carried out by scientists to understand the phenomena. It is something like a soul changing the body when it gets damaged or old. Ultimate fate or destiny of a soul is always unknown. Some people say it rest back to the place (god) from where it came. Some say it never gets peace. It keeps on roaming and changing the bodies.

As per Hindu culture, a soul takes 84 lacs rebirths in different forms including animals, birds, insects etc. And finally it gets human body. And then it goes back to its origin. I read some articles in which I got interesting stories about incarnation. We all must have watched movies regarding incarnation. How can we really describe this phenomena. Taking one example, their was a girl in india living in a very rural area. One find day she met with an accident. When she woke up, she started talking in some other language including English. How can an illiterate girl living in rural area suddenly start talking in English?? she gave description of her previous father and mother and even her husband. People from her village went the place she described and found everything she mentioned, including her old aged parents. In previous birth, she died in car accident. 

One more case was about a small child, who remembered all the incidences from his previous birth. He was a truck driver and died in accident. When his current parent took him to his home, they saw a widow with his son. When they spoke to them, the widow told them the same story which the kid told to his parents. So what this can be?? We cant say it as multiple personality disorder. How can a child have other personality of a truck driver without knowing him?? or how can a girl have MPD and start talking in English though she is illiterate?? no answers. 

If asked to me, I would say that yes i do believe in incarnation, what do you think??