Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Death is Immortal

Whenever we think about immortality. We look out for people who are immortals. But we conveniently forget that death itself is immortal. Their is no death to Death. Humans or mankind have succeeded in many fields.But still they are unable to conquer the death. On the other hand we can say that their are many things in this world that mankind haven't yet conquered. Death stands in top of all of them. Their are many types of death. Accidental death, Death due to disease, murder etc. If human succeeds to overpower death due to disease, we can't give guarantee about other kind of deaths. Accidental deaths cannot be avoided, as they are mistakes of human itself.

I have read some articles in which people says we have cheated death. They say that every human has its death time finalized by nature or we can say god. Once the time comes the god of death comes to pick us.But if it happens that god doesn't reach on time (hahaha!!!) the person come across some accident but miraculously doesn't die. Now we don't know its a miracle of his destiny. If we really think about death, it is the phenomena which occurs after immense pain to human body, which may cause due to diseases like heart attack, cancer etc. Other causes are accidental, say car accident, train accident and many others in which human body is hit so hard or on the very sensitive organs that human body can't sustain and it causes a person to die. But this doesn't complete the answer. Every human being, he may be highly educated, but he believes in soul. Their is some kind of supernatural energy and power in every human being which controls human body, its nature, and also the karma. And death is departing the soul from human body.

But then the question arises, where does the soul comes from and goes to?? no answer yet. Many experiments have been carried out by scientists. One of the experiment was done by a group of scientist, which proved the existence of soul. They took a written permission from a person who was very aged and about to die to carry out their experiment. They kept him in a glass box and closed box. Note that the box was air tight glass box. The person died after few minutes. And then they heard sound of breaking glass. When they went near the box to check, they found that glass was broken in one corner. That is the soul left the body and made its way from that glass.

Conclusion, Death is Immortal, and as we change our clothes everyday, our soul too needs to change the body (not everyday!! :)). And for that death is must!