Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mind Control Over Body...

We have learnt in school days that mind completely controls our body. Each and every movement of our body is been controlled by brain. We cant even imagine every movement is been monitored by brain with the speed of nanoseconds. For example, If we see a red color object, the process behind identifying that object is quite large. When our eyes see a tomato, the signal passes through our retina to brain, then brain analyzes from his database that what object is this?? searches for its name, gets the answer that yeah! this is a red coloured tomato. The major role in this phenomena is played by light. The rays of light reflects from an object to our eyes, and the above phenomena takes place. The color is actually projection through the rays of light. As we all know in darkness, we wont be able to identify any object in front of us.

The next example for mind control is that which took place when I was in school. All my friends in our school and teacher used to talk about a section in mathematics, which used to be really tough. Till the time I was unknown about that section. I used to solve those questions very easily. But once my friend came to me and said, that section is very difficult. And from that day, that section became tough for me too. I started thinking, what is the reason behind this??

The reason behind this is our mind is always in the state of learning, understanding and assuming. In short you accept whatever is been told to you. Say if your mom says, if you behave like this, you will get this punishment. You accept the fact, and you don't do those things. But very few people find out the reason behind the fact. In my case what happened is, my brain accepted that yeah those problems cant be solved or they are really tough, actually they weren't. Then even after some other person come to you and say you can do it, you will not be able to do that as your brain doesn't change the mindset easily. It needs a heavy brainwash.

We all must have watched Matrix. In one scene, Morpheus ask Neo to jump from one building to other. As  normal human being can't do it, Neo too fails to do it. But after training Neo becomes expert in breaking all the rules of gravity. The movie is sci-fi and can't happen in real life. But we can relate Neo's behavior with us. A human being can do anything. Everything is possible. But it should come from our brain. Many times it happens that our will power, need and condition around us, make us to do impossible things possible.