Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Time Travel ! Is that possible or not??

One more favorite topic of mine. Time Travel. Is time travel really possible?? No one has any answer. Till our great scientist invent time machine. But as per the theories put by some great scientists including Einstein, it should not be possible. As per Einstein, if we conquer the speed of light we have better chances to go into future. Uptil now we have conquered the speed of sound. 

Practically if we try to go ahead of speed of light, the machine will actually burn as the friction will cause fire. We will need to find out the alternative for this, but first the target will be to overcome speed of light. I have read many articles, stating that their are some loop holes on our earth, which connects us with the other world. That is you can either go back to past or proceed to future. 

We have some people who have actually passed through these loop holes and came back. Do we have such possibility in Bermuda triangle. who knows??

But as per my view time travel should not be possible. why?? Let me explain.

Say I am in 2050. I entered time machine and set the timing as current 2013 year. The time machine will take me to 2013. Here I will find myself writing this blog. That means right now I should meet my future. But it is not happening.

Suppose we say time machine will create an instance of yours and send it back. These means I will not be able to see my future 'ME' right now. If my future me is wandering or roaming around me. This is something like watching a movie. You cant interact or make any changes in the movie right??

Making changes in past or future is logically not possible. Say I go to my past. Where I haven't even born. I meet my grandparents. If I try to kill them, it will logically pose threat to me. Same thing applies for my future. In short whatever I have studied about this subject, I came to conclusion that even if we invented time machine, we will be able to see our past and future, but we will not be able to change anything in it. As I said before it will just create our instance and send it to future or past, just like we are watching a movie!!!!