Monday, 20 May 2013

Are Dreams Really Connected to Real Life??

As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, from childhood I was interested in paranormal, Time travel and related stuff. Dreams was and still is my favorite subject. I always experience one thing when I am dreaming. whenever I wake up from any dream I still get the sensations related to that dream. Say If I saw a dream in which someone hits me on my hand, after waking up, I used to get sensation on the place (of my hand) where he hit me.

Dreams are just the mental projections of sub conscious mind. But they are so much real, that we feel them. Some good dreams, terrible dreams, exotic dreams etc. We feel the environment of each dream and it leaves impact even after we wake up.

My father always tell me a story which he read in some article. Their was a guy who used to get a dream, that some soldiers are approaching him to kill him. From the day, he started getting those nightmares, he was unable to sleep. Whenever he used to sleep, those soldiers use to come closer. He met the doctor for the same. At first the doctor thought it might be routine case of nightmares. But the real surprise was yet to come. In dreams he used to run to save his life. Whenever he used to wake up, he used to get cramps in his legs, as if he had run several miles. Finally doctors decided not to make him sleep for some nights. And if he sleeps, they used to wake him up instantly.

But one night due to some reasons doctor went treat some other patient as he was critical. When he came back, he was shocked to observe the scene. The person who used to get the nightmares, was literally killed. And the wounds were of swords. How is this possible?? who would come to hospital of a psychiatrist to kill that person, that too with swords?? what was the reason he got killed?? What was the secret behind those soldiers coming to kill that guy?? The questions remained unanswered!!!!!

We too have our nightmares. Some people have really stupid nightmares but some have very terrible of them.