Wednesday, 15 May 2013

You dream is your dream, but what if your reality becomes a dream???

Yes. this is theory put long back by some reputed scientists and philosophers. Just imagine when you sleep, when you are dreaming, you don't realize that you are dreaming (and if u realize, then it is called lucid dreams!!). But if in real, where you can feel, touch, smell, eat, drink, fight and much more... if you realize that whatever is happening is not real then?? Many people will say.. dude you have became mad after watching movie like matrix and inception. But guyz, these are the ideologies presented by scientists and not by me :)

But as a layman if u think, while dreaming you wont able to differentiate between fact and dream rite. We see things happening about which we often think. for example, I think of driving lamborghini and hayabusa, which is quite tough ;-) but while dreaming, I do those things, without even realizing that I am dreaming. (and I enjoy too ;-)). As per science, whatever we see in the dreams are the subject stored in our unconscious mind.

I even love the subject Lucid Dreaming, now what is it?? As I mentioned above, it is the phenomena, where a fellow realizes that he is dreaming. And Yes!!! I have been through this phenomena and also most of you guyz I am sure. The first thing I do when I realize it is dream is start flying (As I am big fan of Superman !! ;-) ). But yeah! we can do anything in our dream, Litterally whatttever we want as their are no laws, no restrictions nothing. 

In our Indian Culture, Vedas and Puranas, their is a verse ब्रम्हसत्य  जगन्मिथ्या . That is whatever we see isnt real. Then what is real?? We don't know. But I am sure we will one day find out the core behind this ideology. Till then, enjoy dreaming and live life happily.. Cheers.