Friday, 17 May 2013

Multiverse, Universe and Parallel that somewhere connected to what we call Dejavu??

Again something where people will say..dude you have gone completely mad. But yeah, I think very unusual. Cant help ;-) . So all of us know what is universe. But just some days before I read about Multiverse. The term was put in 1895 by the American philosopher and psychologist William James. Multiverse is the possible set of multiple universes. 

In school, we learnt that their are infinite number of galaxies in this universe. But when I started reading this article in Wikipedia, I was shocked to know their are many such universe out side the world. Then we cant even imagine how many earth, sun moon and other stars are present in those multiverse. 

Now the next thing started pinching my mind was, today what we say those so called UFO's. Is their any chances that they must be coming from those multiverse?? But then something stopped me from thinking this idea. I read the word Parallel Universe. As we studied in school, parallel is something which is very similar to each other walking in same way and direction, but never come across each other. So how can people from other universe come to us.

Think of some other possibility. My name is Sachin. We have lacs of sachin all over the world(lets assume!). But if our universe and other universe is same, then they also must be having many sachin's in their world. They also must be writing this mad blogs somewhere else. Don't you think??

One more possibility came to my mind. We all must have heard about Dejavu. This is the phenomena where the fellow has a sight which he knows or he have experienced it before, or we can say it seems like we have seen this somewhere. So if we are talking about Multiverse, then,
This Dejavu feeling somewhere connects me to Multiverse. For eg, Sachin from other universe have already written a blog. When I start writing blog, I feel like I know these words, typing style, errors. I think I have done this before. Whereas I haven't even written anything. But the connection with Sachin from other universe make me feel Dejavu. Is this possible??