Friday, 24 May 2013

Multiple Personality Disorder...

We have heard about Multiple Personality Disorder. It is the mental illness or disease which is caused due to many reason. Many people suffer from this disease due to tensions, stress, personal problems etc. This problem mostly occur in the people, who don't react or suppress their feelings and emotions. Some people are quite sensitive. Their mind is very weak or becomes weak due to constant personal problems. If someone constantly keep on irritating or teasing or bullying and the person didn't react and keep on tolerating, many times it becomes burden on our conscious mind. And if we ignore, that stress affects our sub conscious mind.

Our sub conscious mind is really powerful. Some times it overpowers our conscious mind, and people react in some different way which they are not. For example, if some person is very cool, shy and introvert, he will become extrovert or tempered or aggressive in such situations. He will forget himself and he becomes someone which he want to become somewhere deep in his mind. The subconscious mind will make him to behave like someone which he wants to.

But this is something about the disease. In other way too, people behave like having multiple personality. For example, a company CEO, will be a father, husband, son at house. He will be mischievous friend in his group of friends. One person, but different role. We have inbuilt multiple personalities. And we do react as per the situation. Say, if CEO is very strict in his office, he will be very caring and soft with his kids and wife. He will behave with respect in front of his parents. Now talking about girls. They too play different roles in different places. If she is a CEO or manager in office, she will be a loving and caring mother, wife, sister at home.

Today in this technology era, we always hear a word multitasking. Computers have multitasking system. But before this computers were invented, or we can say from the beginning of this world, humans are the best example of multitasking. A human, can hear, talk, work, walk at a time. We feel, we breathe and we react at same time. 

Multiple personality disorder is a disease, but inbuilt multiple personality is the boon for the mankind.